Nature Walks and Hiking Tours in the Mols Bjerge National Park

The absolute best way to explore the magnificent nature and landscape of Mols Bjerge is a walk through the area. Natur Mols arranges walks and hikes with biologist Tine Sussi Hansen and guarantees a wonderful nature experience. We can tailor the tour specifically to your wishes to include types of nature, pace and distance that perfectly suit your group.

Nature Walks and Hiking Tours in Mols Bjerge
The hiking paths in Mols Bjerge National Park are numerous. Some of the most popular tours are: Mols Bjerge 7 km, Mols Bjerge 10 km, Mols Bjerge 12 km and Mols Bjerge 15 km. We make tours in the scenic Helgenæs as well (located outside the National Park).

Each tour presents some unique features of the specific area with the hilly landscape formed by the ice age and covered by heaths, pastures, meadows and forests. The nature in Mols Bjerge is considered a biodiversity hotspot in Denmark with a high diversity of plants and animals.

The area has been inhabited since ancient times and even today we find signs of people who lived here in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Viking Age, the Middle Age and right up to the present day.

We can arrange a single day tour or a multi-day tour to make the experience more complete. The tour can be arranged with a sandwich for the lunch break as well. It is also possible to assist you with accommodation, tips for restaurants and cultural experiences. Make a request for your wishes and we will give you an offer.

Tailor-made tours will be with English speaking guide.

You are more than welcome to join our public tours. It will be with a Danish speaking guide, but we will translate some into English. Read more for public tours.

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